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Vampiro, The Best Commentator In Wrestling Commentating

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So with that in mind…

…Vampiro farted so loud at TripleMania last weekend it was picked up by the his commentary headset.

Still better than Michael Cole. Speaking of hot air…



Kevin Owens NOT A Paul Heyman Guy

…it looks like the rumors of Kevin Owens returning with Paul Heyman as his manager aren’t true.

The original report came from Barnburner’s Fired Up podcast, who claimed that after quitting WWE on Monday’s episode of Raw there were plans in place for Owens to become the next Heyman guy in his return.

The much more reliable Wrestling Observer Newsletter, however, is now reporting that “The story going around that Heyman will return to manage Owens has no validity to it”, and it’s far more likely that if Heyman returns, it’ll be with the baddest selfie-taker on the planet, Ronda Rousey. – a pairing which has apparently been discussed backstage since before WrestleMania.

Maybe to help build KO’s quitting WWE storyline he could turn up for AAA , or go back down to NXT and wrestle for EVOLVE . . .

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