Axel Tischer Opens Up About ‘Culture Shock’ Joining WWE From Europe (Exclusive)

1 year ago by Sanchez Taylor

Axel Tischer Opens Up About ‘Culture Shock’ Joining WWE From Europe (Exclusive) WWE/WrestleTalk

Ahead of PROGRESS Chapter 134: No Mountain High Enough, Axel Tischer (fka Alexander Wolfe) spoke exclusively with Sanchez Taylor for about his time in WWE.

Tischer joined WWE in April 25, as part of a class of international Performance Center recruits. He wrestled in the US as part of the SAnitY faction from 2016 t0 2019, before joining Imperium on NXT UK.

The German star admitted that he definitely felt a culture shock after he allowed himself to pursue a social life in the States.

Noting that he now misses Florida, Tischer said:

“When I first moved over there, my head was full with work, because (there’s) a busy schedule and everything, and you have to kind of… you start your journey with WWE, and I’m with NXT, so you have to kind of get used to the system over there. You’re the beginner so you walk on eggshells, you have to take care of how to start your first week or your first month.

“Also, private life also hits you, so I did not really have the time just to digest the entire culture thing, but after one month, I definitely got a big culture shock. And, most of the stuff is similar, because Germany’s also like a Western society country, same as England, same as the States, but still culture-wise, Germany is a lot different than the States, especially Florida.

“German people are more reserved, and if you do not know anybody in particular in private, you do not ask him how he is, or ‘How are you? Hey mate’, or friend or buddy, whatever. That doesn’t exist in Germany. If you know somebody and he’s your friend, you will ask him, ‘Hey, how are you?’, because you really care, but it’s not a part of our… But in America, you get nice greetings everywhere you go. You go buying groceries and people ask, ‘How are you?’, and you’re kinda like, ‘Whoa, do we know each other?’. So that’s a thing I had to adjust.

“But after all, I had six years of my life living in Florida, living in the States, on tour, and I had a great experience there. I miss Florida, I miss the States as well, but also I’m happy to be back here home in Germany as well.”

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Tischer left WWE in June 2021 after his contract expired.

Also in the interview, Tischer reacted to WWE renaming WALTER (Gunther) and Marcel Barthel (Ludwig Kaiser), and revealed the bizarre wrestling directive he received from WWE while part of SAnitY.

You can listen to the full interview below:

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