10 Ways Bray Wyatt Could Return From Deletion

10 Ways Bray Wyatt Could Return From Deletion

The second that Bray Wyatt plunged into the icy depths of the Lake of Reincarnation, we wondered what would emerge. However, we’re going to have to wait to see what creature lurks in its depths. With Bray doing his impression of an 80s movie monster and ‘noping’ the hell on outta there, Matt declared an end to the ‘Great War’. Come to think of it, he didn’t seem too surprised that Bray’s carcass was missing. Did he expect the body to dissolve? Oh, God! Did Matt put acid in the Lake of Reincarnation?! Or maybe that ‘Dip’ stuff from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? since Matt and Bray are basically living cartoons.

Well, barring Woken Matt committing homicide in the most horrific way possible (outside of death by Cher album), Bray Wyatt must come back as… something. When Wyatt wants to go, he is one of the best in-ring psychologists in the WWE. He can make a match sinister with a look or just the way he moves around the ring. His mic work can be captivating and the cult leader gimmick was diabolically effective. Now, he’s wasted as a jobber to the upper card. Bray should have been the heir to ‘Taker’s spooky character throne. Now, rebuilding his credibility will be harder than teaching Professor X to River Dance.

In kayfabe, Matt and Bray’s soul have been at war for ages. If Bray is potentially the Ying to Matt’s Yang, then what effect will the Lake have on such a dark soul? How they repackage Bray after the Lake of Reincarnation could go several ways. Since we have no facts on the matter, however, we’ll do the responsible thing: speculate wildly.

6 years ago by Cody Brooks


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