WWE Hall Of Famer Believes Mat Wrestling Beats High Flying

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

WWE Hall Of Famer Believes Mat Wrestling Beats High Flying WWE

There’s fans of both styles of wrestling, but now a WWE Hall of Famer has given his opinion on why mat-based wrestling is superior.

Founding member of the Four Horsemen Arn Anderson appeared on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast and spoke about the benefits of mat-based wrestling, saying:

“I’ve always had this theory you can’t win a match in the air, you gotta win it on the mat.

“So there’s a place for mat wrestling.”

He would go on to discuss his awareness that not everyone can perform moves such as a moonsault and there’s no issue with that at all.

He expressed an opinion that forcing an aerial style on yourself as a wrestler without having the skills necessary to deliver are a short cut to the end of your wrestling career.

Beyond this, Anderson expressed his opinion that there’s nothing wrong with the occasional high spot, stating:

“It’s okay to put a high spot in here and there, and do a dive when it matters.

“If it don’t make sense, you’re just taking a risk.”

Anderson believes that, in the current wrestling landscape, mat-based wrestlers have become the minority.

He did, however, explain his mindset of working with the aerial specialists in the business, particularly during his time in WWE.

Whilst in WWE, he would ask high-flyers that he worked with only to do specific moves if they execute them better than Rey Mysterio.

He would conclude with a piece of sage advice for any wrestler:

“Don’t do what you can’t do. What you can do, do well.”

Arn Anderson was recently named as an inspiration by AEW’s Ethan Page, who would also name Sting and Jerry Lynn.

Anderson confirmed that his contract with AEW was due to expire in 2023.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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