AEW Name Calls WWE Tryout ‘Terrifying’

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AEW Name Calls WWE Tryout ‘Terrifying’ WWE

An AEW name has called their WWE tryout “terrifying”.

One of the most popular non-wrestlers in All Elite Wrestling has to be senior referee Aubrey Edwards.

Edwards has become a mainstay of the referees in the company and established herself as an integral part of the identity of the promotion.

Appearing on the latest episode of The Sessions with Renee Paquette, Edwards discussed receiving a WWE tryout prior to the creation of AEW. She said:

“It was terrifying. So the way my tryouts were worked was it was like four separate times, I think a total of say, like 16 days.”

“So I was brought out, and they told me up front, like we’re looking for more referees for the Mae Young classic. So I knew that was sort of the carrot that I was working towards. They brought me out in I think it was either June or July for a whole week.”

“They just said, ‘We want to see you in a class structure. We want to see you working with the other reps. We want to give you the full referee experience.'”

On current WWE referee Jessika Carr helping her get the call for the tryout, Aubrey stated:

“So they’d reached out to me partly because Jessika Carr, who’s a referee now on SmackDown. We knew each other from talking on Twitter or whatever.”

“So she had given my name as another potential female referee. So I came in and that week DDP was at the Performance Center and they’re just like, we’re going to do yoga every day.”

“I’m like, I am going to nail this because I’ve been doing yoga since I was 12. There was a push up contest at one point where you do a five count down, hold for five count, come back up, and if you fall or delay, you’re out. I was like, I got this, and the only people that beat me were Lacey Evans and Shayna Baszler. I was like, I did okay, I’m okay with this.”

Edwards continued on to explain the process that she went through, saying:

“That was the same week that they were filming NXT. So I got to do a dark match before their TV tapings.”

“Also, in between commercials and stuff, I got to run out and help talent after matches and whatnot. It was just a really cool experience to see the whole thing and what a day in the life of a referee was. “

“Then once I was done with that week, they messaged me and said, ‘We want to bring you in for Mae Young (Classic). It’s going to be a full week in August.'”

“So I go out and I’m just doing the same thing, like trying to just keep to myself, but be helpful where I can and they gave me a ton of matches. That was the first time I met Toni Storm and I think she had had like four matches that same day.”

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