Brian Kendrick Opens Up About Losing AEW Spot Due To Controversial Comments

11 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Brian Kendrick Opens Up About Losing AEW Spot Due To Controversial Comments WWE

Brian Kendrick has opened up about losing his AEW spot due to his previous controversial comments.

Ahead of Kendrick’s announced appearance on the February 2 edition of Dynamite, clips of Kendrick discussing conspiracy theories related to the Holocaust resurfaced, and the star was pulled from the episode.

Speaking on K & S WrestleFest, Kendrick recalled a conversation he had with Tony Khan after he was pulled from the show.

Discussing AEW’s reaction to the videos resurfacing, Kendrick said:

“Talked with Tony Khan on the phone, they made me music, I had an entrance and everything was ready to go. Show up to Chicago in my wrestling gear, a few hours from going out there and performing, I get a call from their lawyer.

“She goes, ‘Is it true?’ I go, ‘Is what true?’ She goes, ‘There’s this video out there’ … ‘There’s some pretty salacious stuff about the Holocaust, about Sandy Hook’, and I go, ‘Oh, mfer, I know exactly what you’re talking about’.

“And that was it. She goes, ‘I think we’re going to have to pull you from the show.’ I said ‘I understand.’ I text Bryan Danielson. I say, ‘Hey buddy, sorry for the embarrassment’.

“Then I get a call from Sonjay Dutt, go in to meet him and Bryan Danielson, Tony Khan, … (Tony) says, ‘I apologize, you know, I don’t think this would’ve happened if you wouldn’t have quit your job (at WWE) and came here, but this is what we’re dealing with right now. So I think it’s for the best if you grab your gear and you leave’.

“As far as the business goes, Tony doesn’t know me from nothing. He just knows me as a headache walking in. I officially got released on May 1st, so there was about three months in limbo, being quasi-employed.

“The truth is I don’t really believe in anything. As far as like, with the Holocaust stuff, for example, you know, how could I say such things. Well, I said them because they’re salacious. I said them to get a rise out of people … What it was, was me trying to profit off of it.”

Kendrick previously apologised for his past comments, and for attempting to create ‘some sort of buzz’.

Kendrick had requested his WWE release prior to his AEW appearance being announced. More than 20 performers have finished up with WWE this year so far. Check out the full list of WWE departures in 2022 right here.

Transcription via Wrestling Inc

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