Brian Kendrick Sets Very Impressive WWE Record

3 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Brian Kendrick Sets Very Impressive WWE Record

For those who aren’t aware, Brian Kendrick has had four separate stints with WWE. His first came in 2000 when he signed a developmental deal with the company at the age of just 20.

As a result of having worked for the company on-and-off for 20 years now, Brian Kendrick has been able to set a pretty impressive company record.

Last night on NXT UK, Brian Kendrick was defeated by Travis Banks in a one-on-one match. As a result, Banks progressed to the NXT Cruiserweight Championship match this weekend at Worlds Collide.

Following on from his NXT UK debut, Twitter account @WWEStats has confirmed that Kendrick has set an impressive record within the company.

After making his NXT UK debut last night, Kendrick has now wrestled on all of the following WWE shows:

  1. Raw
  2. SmackDown
  3. NXT
  4. NXT UK
  5. WWE pay-per-view
  6. Main Event
  7. Superstars
  8. Heat
  9. Velocity
  10. 205 Live
  11. WWE Worlds Collide

This is a very impressive record, and one that is almost certainly never going to be broken or matched due to the fact that shows like Heat, Velocity and Superstars are no longer on the air.


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