Could An NXT Superstar Be On Way To WWE Main Roster Soon?

Could An NXT Superstar Be On Way To WWE Main Roster Soon?

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it appears Matt Riddle could be heading to the main roster sooner than later.  From 4FWOnline:

Matt Riddle’s main roster debut right now is scheduled to be imminent, so his cage match with Timothy Thatcher could either be his blow-off or lead to it.

Meltzer doesn’t mention which brand he’s planning on heading too. Given that Raw just lost AJ Styles, could Riddle be heading to the Raw Brand? Meltzer will likely have more information in this coming Thursday’s Observer.

While Riddle might be heading to another show, he’s not done with business yet on NXT. He’s facing Thatcher on Wednesday after Thatcher turned on him on NXT.

The two will be facing off in a cage with Kurt Angle as the special referee. It will be interesting to see how this story develops.

Will Thatcher win and establish himself as a major player in NXT and send Riddle off? Or could Riddle win and set up a loser leaves town match down the road?

Either way, it makes Wednesday night’s match that much more dramatic. Where would you like to see Riddle? Raw or SmackDown? Let us know on twitter.  

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