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Daniel Bryan WWE Contract Update

Meltzer has noted in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Daniel Bryan is yet to sign or even be offered a contract extension. 

This contradicts Sean Ross Sapp’s report from earlier this week, where he claimed Bryan had signed a three month extension, which would take his WWE contract to December this year – crucially just before New Japan’s huge WrestleKingdon 13 show on January 4th. Shepard added that a two year WWE contract was then on the table afterwards.

If Meltzer’s version is to be believed, though, there is currently only two months left on Bryan’s WWE contract – which reportedly expires in September. In a recent interview with The Business Times, Bryan said that staying with WWE makes sense because of his wife Brie Bella’s role there, but he did point out that the wrestling world is very “interesting” right now.

While Bryan appears to finally be nearing a match with the Miz, though . . .


Jeff Hardy At SummerSlam?

. . . Jeff Hardy’s SummerSlam status is – much like the guy’s move-set – more up in the air. 

TicketDrew reported after his quick US title loss at Extreme Rules that Jeff would be taking some much needed time off to recover from injury.

But now the Wrestling Observer claims that while Hardy is working injured, he’ll continue wrestling on SmackDown house shows. The speculation is that this will build to a Hardy vs Randy Orton vs Shinsuke Nakamura triple threat at SummerSlam for Jeff Hardy’s earlobe.

But while Jeff is fighting through injury, one WWE star could be returning from the sidelines any day now.

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