Dolph Ziggler On When He Will Stop Wrestling

10 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Dolph Ziggler On When He Will Stop Wrestling WWE

Dolph Ziggler has opened up about his WWE career, discussing his expectations for his in-ring future.

Ziggler has been a consistent name for WWE for years now. The star won the NXT Championship earlier this year and had a main-event program with top prospect Bron Breakker, culminating with Breakker winning the title back in April.

Speaking with Wills & Snyder, Ziggler noted that he feels very lucky, as he hasn’t had a surgery from a pro-wrestling injury.

When asked when he’ll hang his boots up for good, Ziggler said:

“It really depends. The healthiest people in the world, sometimes it doesn’t work. Some people have recurring injuries. I’ve been very lucky. Going on 18 years, no major surgeries. Any kind of surgery I got, it was from wrestling in college. I’ve been lucky. I don’t ever want to stop. One day I’ll have to, but it sure as hell won’t be now.”

Ziggler last wrestled on the August 8 edition of WWE Raw, defeating Chad Gable in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

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Transcription via Fightful

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