Edge Reveals Undertaker WWE WrestleMania 24 GEAR SWAP

Edge Reveals Undertaker WWE WrestleMania 24 GEAR SWAP

Followers of the FIFA World Cup and football in general are well accustomed to the practice over players swapping shirts with each other at full time. It’s a respectful act and a memento to remember the game by. Even referees are getting in on the act, with the official from the Portugal-Morocco game even asking for superstar Cristiano Ronaldo’s shirt! He must have been a big fan . . .

In wrestling, this does not happen. Perhaps that’s for the best, really. Let’s face it, collecting someone’s sweaty pants is not the nicest way of remembering a match! It would also cost a fortune, with wrestlers paying for and providing their own gear while footballers are given new shirts every match.

According to Edge, though, it is not completely unheard of. During a Q&A session on his podcast E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness he told an anecdote about his WrestleMania 24 main event with The Undertaker.

Edge said that was the only time he had ever swapped gear with a fellow worker, exchanging his kickpads and tights for a pair of Undertaker’s gloves. It doesn’t sound like a particularly even trade but Edge seems happy enough with the deal, calling it “pretty cool” and saying he was “glad I got that memory”.

We are unable to confirm whether Undertaker walked around his house wearing said items while rocking out to Alter Bridge.

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