Ex-AEW Star Teases ‘Huge Opportunity’ After Recent Departure

Ex-AEW Star Teases ‘Huge Opportunity’ After Recent Departure AEW

Brian Pillman Jr has teased that he has a huge opportunity coming up, following his recent departure from AEW.

It was reported on July 12 that Brian Pillman Jr’s AEW contract had expired, with the star officially departing the company.

During a virtual signing with Captain’s Corner, Pillman noted that while he can’t discuss his upcoming projects, he has big things lined up.

Thanking his fans for their support, Pillman noted:

“It’s a tough business and it’s a long road to the top if you want to rock n roll. Being here today and getting to reminisce about some of the past moments of my career has really cheered me up and put me in a position to where I’m excited for the future.

“There is a lot to come, I can’t speak on it right now, it’s kind of in the works.

“I have a huge moment, a huge opportunity coming up in my career to continue making memories, to continue coming up with new gear ideas and sharing my version of pro wrestling with you all.

“Thank you for supporting me.”

Interestingly, Pillman was spotted training at the WWE Performance Center on July 13, the day after it was reported that he had left AEW.

Following an initial report about WWE interest in Pillman, it has now been reported that Pillman actually had a WWE tryout during his time at the Performance Center.

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