Fans Outraged At WWE For Shoddy Crashpad Bump At Hell In A Cell

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Fans Outraged At WWE For Shoddy Crashpad Bump At Hell In A Cell

WWE fans who were watching Hell in a Cell yesterday weren’t impressed with the company’s latest crashpad bump.

The spot saw Drew McIntyre take a chokeslam out of the ring from Bobby Lashley, but instead of landing flat on the outside of the ring, McIntyre hit a crashpad instead.

While that doesn’t sound too bad in isolation, what made it worse was that a hand was visible on camera after McIntyre had landed, making it blatantly obvious what had actually happened and ruining the illusion.

There was quite clearly someone under the ring who removed the crashpad from under McIntyre, as you can see here:

This is similar to, but not quite as egregious as, the Chris Jericho bump off the Blood & Guts cage last month with got AEW a hell of a lot of stick.

People certainly don’t want to see wrestlers taking dangerous bumps, but if they can’t be done without making them so obviously fake, maybe the solution is to not do them at all, especially when it’s just a throwaway spot in a match like this one.

Lashley won the Hell in a Cell match and therefore McIntyre can no longer challenge for the WWE Title for as long as Lashley is champion.

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