John Cena Called Out By Mick Foley For Hilarious Reason

11 months ago by Amanda Savage

John Cena Called Out By Mick Foley For Hilarious Reason WWE

Mick Foley wants to expose John Cena for being a phony he says on his latest edition of his Foley is Pod podcast.

But before you fully jump to conclusions or hop onto the bird app to accuse me of overdramatization, please note: this apparent critique has a very lighthearted tone!

On his latest episode of Foley is Pod, Mick Foley shared that he has a bone to pick with partially John Cena, but probably more than likely the studio exec responsible for greenlighting the poster for Cena’s new film project which premieres exclusively on Hulu tomorrow, Vacation Friends.

Sharing his gripe, Foley said:

“Let me tell you something, brother, I know John Cena. John Cena is a friend of mine. John Cena has a forearm that I referred to in my Santa memoir as one that Popeye the Sailor Man would be envious of. It’s obvious to me, that’s not John Cena’s forearm in the movie poster, that’s a normal person’s forearm. John Cena does not have a normal forearm.

“Cena didn’t have guts, stamina, intestinal fortitude to step in there and do the photoshoot of his own [arm]. I think this might sound slanderous but I think that there was some photoshopping going on. I’m not even sure all those four people were in the same room at the same time. They just thought they were going to drape a normal forearm and they were going to get that past me? Not on my watch, not in Mick Foley’s America. So, John Cena, you have some explaining to do.”

John Cena has been announced to be making his return to WWE television on an upcoming episode of Monday Night Raw. 

While Cena has continued to tease a feud with current United States Champion, Theory, there has been no formal announcement made of any in-ring competition from “Mr. Hustle, Loyalty and Respect” as Vince McMahon referred to him, for the appearance.

Transcription via WrestlingInc.

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