Kenny Omega Provides Update On Timetable For Return

Kenny Omega Provides Update On Timetable For Return AEW

Former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega has been out of action since he lost the championship to Hangman Adam Page back at the Full Gear pay-per-view in 2021.

In an interview with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Omega detailed his time away from action, as well as providing a new update on the timetable for his return.

He said:

“If I’m going to be honest, my timetable before all of this started, I wanted to be back for this show (Forbidden Door), being back for the show is incredibly important to me and I really really wanted to mix it up with somebody from New Japan, and it sucks that I couldn’t do it, and it’s to the point where I want to be on the show even if it’s just to do commentary, or I just want involvement, but I’m not there yet so I don’t want to give… I don’t wanna take a spot from anybody, I don’t wanna put a spotlight on myself, but it’s not going to lead to anything so I’m definitely very cool to sit in a chair on the sidelines for everyone to go out there and kill it and have a great show.

“In terms of timeline, I put myself back on the road to help out with some of the Owen Hart cup matches, and I felt that it was too soon – it was too difficult for me to miss three or four days of rehab, and I have to put myself into a position where I was flying again, and being very hands-on with talent, and when I’m trying to agent something or trying to show something and moving around from point A to point B backstage, I’m moving quicker than I thought that I would, and I’m doing more than I thought that I would, and I’m not eating properly, and I’m not resting properly, and I felt that it really started to set me back. I’m not saying that I would’ve been ready for Forbidden Door had I not done it, but, when I started to recognize that it was a detriment to my recovery, I kept myself home and I’m focusing more on what I can do remotely and I am kind of doing everything that I can for the (video) game now to make sure that we can make release.”

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Omega also detailed the production of the upcoming AEW Fight Forever video game, and the challenges he has faced.

You can see a full list of currently injured AEW stars and their expected return date at this link.

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