New LA Knight Feud Set Up On WWE Raw

New LA Knight Feud Set Up On WWE Raw WWE

The next feud for LA Knight has been revealed on tonight’s episode of WWE Raw (August 7).

There was a good old fashioned promo battle between two talents who clearly can go on the mic as Knight and The Miz had words and the insults grew personal between the pair in a spicy exchange.

In one zinger, Miz told Knight that he was an “Attitude Era fan boy cosplaying,” in Miz’s ring.

Knight then retorted to The Miz that the difference between between the pair was that Miz is “safe”, and is an easy bet because he does what he’s told and would allow himself to get kicked around (and out of the locker room), whereas LA Knight does not.

After Knight challenged Miz to a fight, Miz feigned that he was leaving but ultimately turned back for a cheap shot from behind, and they had a short physical exchange that ended in LA Knight landing his finishing move the Blunt Force Trauma.

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2 months ago by Amanda Savage



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