AEW Rampage Live Results – April 15, 2022

AEW Rampage Live Results – April 15, 2022 AEW

Welcome to WrestleTalk’s live coverage of AEW Rampage. Tonight’s Rampage is 2 hours early and it should be a big night.

Here is tonight’s card:

  • The Gunn Club vs. Blackpool Combat Club
  • Robyn Renegade vs. Ruby Soho
  • Adam Page vs. Adam Cole – AEW World Championship

This should be a very, very interesting night.

The Texas Death Match

This one starts off hot. Hangman and Cole get in each other’s faces before the bell rings and Page grabs some chairs.

Cole is busted open. The commentary team is putting over the fact that Cole’s weakness is non-traditional matches like this one. That’s nice. They do a good job of folding in those justifications of why someone might lose. This helps keep them from losing too much face when they take an L. It also can keep the viewer from expecting a certain finish. One side effect though is a babyface champion challenging someone to a match that gives them a clear advantage isn’t very babyface-ish. But, for Hangman sometimes his character needs a bit of a confidence boost and this could tie into his lack of confidence at times.

During the commercial break, a chain gets put in the ring. Page gets clotheslined by it. They set up two chairs back to back. Page fireman carries Adam Cole onto the chairs. Cole landed back first on the top of the chair and the chair didn’t give at all. That looked like it sucked. Cole rolls out of the ring to gather himself. Hangman Page goes for the moonsault. Cole hits him with a Superkick. Back in the ring at the count of 6, Cole hits the Panama Sunrise. PS. The only way to win is by submission or by knockout.

Both men are bloody. Both men go to the top in the corner. Page hits an avalanche fall-away slam. Cole lands on the pile of chairs. I can’t tell where Page is bleeding from. It’s either his mouth or his cheek. He may have been busted open on the superkick. Page is wearing Cole out. Hangman puts Cole in a chair, but Cole grabs him. The two end up sitting face to face and trading blows. They stand up and continue the fight. Man,  this is awesome. Cole grabs Page by the hair and tells him he’ll never be better than Cole or Kenny Omega.

Page ties Cole to the top rope with his belt. He is so pissed by the comments he loses it. He grabs a chair with barbed wire. He can’t bring himself to do it. He goes to let him off and Cole low blows him. Cole superkicks him a few times. Page with a clothesline. He rips off a piece of wire and puts in on Coles head like a crown. He hits a Dead Eye from the apron through a table at ringside. Cole can’t answer the 1o count.

Page wins. Page is still the champ. That was a great, great television match. Page looked great. It had all you could ever want. Dang that was good. On to smackdown.


Ruby Soho tries to qualify for the Owen Tournament

Renegade and Soho are battling for an opportunity to qualify for the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. Something tells me this one won’t be Renegade.

Renegade and Soho are battling for an opportunity to qualify for the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. Something tells me this one won’t be Renegade.

Well, it was a lot closer to being Renegade than I thought. Renegade is a twin. They pulled out twin magic but it wasn’t enough to beat Soho. In the end, Soho wins and qualifies for the tournament. The match was actually pretty good and the twin work was nice. They are hard to tell apart and the way they did it was really smart.


Definitely not the ladies

I swear they said the women were coming up next. Instead, we get a squash match. The Butcher beats Aaron Solo in about 2 minutes. They were pushing the Butch in order to get him a big win before he faces Wardlow next Wednesday. You got to love the Butcher.

Backstage, Dustin Rhodes says he wants to have a match. One that has bucket list written all over it. Dustin challenges CM Punk for Wednesday. Besides, Mayor of Painsville Dan, I’m not sure of anyone who was clamoring for Dustin vs. Punk. Regardless, it will be a fun match.

In da club

It’s the battle of the clubs. No Bullets, just Gunns. The Gunn Club didn’t get an entrance. The Blackpool Combat Club got 3. William Regal is on commentary and apparently, he’s having a bad hair day.

Whenever I watch Billy Gunn wrestle in AEW, I always realize how much smaller wrestling is these days. Gunn was not a huge guy in WWE during his time. Now he towers over all the guys in AEW.

In the continuing giant push of Wheeler Yuta, he gets the win over Billy Gunn and breaks the Gunn Club’s undefeated streak. The finish came after Billy clotheslined Danielson and Moxley to the outside. Billy went for a Famouser and Yuta countered into a leverage pin roll-up.

As far as trios matches go, AEW has put on a lot better. That wasn’t the point of this one. This one was to showcase Yuta and the Blackpool Combat Club. The match was effective in doing just that.

The ladies are up next.

Club vs. Club...Adam vs. Adam

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