Max Caster Rap Edited Out Of AEW Dark After Complaints

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Max Caster Rap Edited Out Of AEW Dark After Complaints

There were some complaints aimed at AEW and Max Caster during Dark last night that led to Caster’s rap being edited out.

Caster usually performs a diss track on his opponents before every match, and he did the same last night ahead of the Acclaimed, Matt Hardy & The Blade facing the Varsity Blonds and the Sydal brothers in an eight-man tag match.

The rap featured references to Simone Biles’ mental health, Duke lacrosse rape allegations, fake COVID-19 PCR tests, and Julia Hart’s “v…” (rhymes with Carolina).

Many Twitter users voiced their disappointment in finding out that not only did Caster say those lines, but that they were approved and not edited out before the show was uploaded.

AEW did respond by taking the episode down before reuploading it with the entrances for that match completely cut out.

Clips that people posted of the rap on Twitter have been taken down due to copyright claims.

Max Caster posted a tweet after his rap aired, which was in response to Busted Open’s David LaGreca praising his rapping (which LaGreca has now deleted), with Caster writing:

Thanks, Dave! Seems like a lot of people enjoyed #AEWDark tonight! Proud to be a part of the 100th episode! #MicDrop

AEW has not commented on the situation since editing and reuploading the show.

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