Mexican Star Mistico Reveals He Has COVID-19

2 years ago by Tempest

Mexican Star Mistico Reveals He Has COVID-19

One of the biggest stars in Lucha Libre has revealed that he has COVID-19. That star is CMLL’s Mistico who revealed the news on his Instagram.

Mistico’s post states that while he is in discomfort he wants to let people know he is well. He ended his statement by saying he will not let COVID-19 defeat him. Here is the full caption:

“There wasn’t a worse way that I could say bye to the year other than testing positive for COVID-19. Hopefully, these discomforts end soon. God bless you all and take care of yourselves. My friends, this is crazy. Bags under my eyes, headaches, my bones hurt, chills, weight loss. And I want to say to all of my friends, who are checking up on me that I am well. And to my family, I love you for supporting me always. But I will say that I am scared knowing that this virus that has killed many people is now in my body. But I am a fighter and it will not defeat me. It will be one more challenge in my life. A fight vs COVID-19.”

It should be clarified that this is not the same Mistico fans may recognize as the original Sin Cara in WWE. When that version of Mistico went to WWE, the current iteration took over. The original Sin Cara has since returned to Mexico and is wrestling as Caristico.

We here at WrestleTalk wish nothing but the best for Mistico during this trying time.

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