Raven Clarifies Health Status Following Concerning Tommy Dreamer Comments

1 month ago by Connel Rumsey

Raven Clarifies Health Status Following Concerning Tommy Dreamer Comments WWE

ECW legend Tommy Dreamer had a lot of wrestling fans concerned recently, when he discussed his feud with Raven in ECW, and the long term effects it may have had.

Specifically, Dreamer’s comments led many to speculate that the former leader of ‘The Flock’ was dealing with some health issues related to his days in the ring.

Dreamer said:

“I look at Raven, and I’m like, Did I do that? Did I cause someone that? I mean, the chair shot heard around the world? Did I cause Raven to have health issues later on in his life? Seriously, it’s a big burden… I can’t watch current boxer documentaries because they’re showing a boxer speaking when he’s in his prime, and then they’re showing a boxer speaking today.”

Responding to the concern, Raven spoke to PWMania to address the concerns, saying that the concerns for his health are overblown.

He said:

 “My health is fine. Honestly, like, I think what the problem was, is in his interview, Tommy lives in a work shoot world. Like it’s a half work half shoot to him. And in his mind, Raven and Dreamer really went to summer camp together and fought over Beulah. And he was triumphing because he married her, I guess. I think what he meant to come across and say is, that I can’t wrestle, because I just had my knees replaced and I’m gonna have my shoulder replaced this year, so I can’t wrestle now.”

With next year’s WrestleMania heading to Philadelphia, there has been a lot of speculation about ECW stars being honored in the Hall of Fame. Dreamer recently spoke about the idea of an induction, and whether he’s hoping for one.

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