Real Reason Behind Booker T Vs. Corey Graves HEAT!

Real Reason Behind Booker T Vs. Corey Graves HEAT!

There really is a lot of underlying tension on Monday Night Raw, which has been there since Booker T was dumped from the commentary desk to be replaced by Jonathan Coachman. Booker T made some comments on his Heated Conversations radio show about the situation – going so far as to threaten Corey Graves with physical violence if he saw him in the street – and Graves himself made a not-too-subtle remark during this past episode of Raw.

“You better be careful, Coach, or you’re going to be doing local radio too.”

Even The New Day got involved in the meta jabs on Smackdown Live. During a backstage segment Big E said, “One guy wants to know if you think Corey Graves has a better jab, or left hook?” To which Kofi Kingston replied: “We gonna find out one way or another.” And later in the show, after The New Day found out they ranked sixth in the Smackdown Top 10, Big E noted: “6!?!? That’s the percent chance I would give Corey Graves in a street fight!”

On his podcast former Smackdown commentator and ECW Champion Taz said that there are legitimate issues between Booker T and Graves, however Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that although there are genuinely bad feelings it could also be a work because Booker challenged Graves to a WrestleMania match. And Justin Barasso of Sports Illustrated has backed this up in his latest Extra Mustard column, saying:

“Sources close to WWE confirmed that Booker did this to give a little extra heat to Graves–who plays a heel on television–on his way out, as well as give some extra attention to Booker’s show now that he is off Raw.”

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