Report: Steve Austin Was Completely Unscripted On Raw

4 years ago by Andy Datson

Report: Steve Austin Was Completely Unscripted On Raw

Stone Cold Steve Austin made his triumphant return to Raw last night and cut a typically wonderful promo about how great everything is and how great it is to be Steve Austin.

Almost every single thing you see on WWE TV is scripted to make sure nothing is said that could damage the company’s rep, and to help the stars get their points across.

However, given that this is Steve Austin, one of the greatest promos in history, it should probably come as no surprise to hear that he didn’t use a script at all last night.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said:

“Steve Austin was great. He made the segment, but again, I don’t think Steve Austin was reading from a script either, I’m almost certain he wasn’t. You know, so yeah you can’t say enough for him. You know there’s a reason he was the big star that he was and the business is kinda lacking of someone with the ability to carry a live crowd like that.”

To be honest, I think Austin could walk out there, fart into the microphone, tell everyone to go home and they would still give the biggest cheer and pop of the night.

WWE seems to be allowing its stars a bit more creative freedom in promos of late, as it was reported last week that several promos from Raw were largely unscripted.

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