Returning WWE Star Discusses First Large Period Of Time Away From The Ring

Returning WWE Star Discusses First Large Period Of Time Away From The Ring WWE

A returning WWE star has discussed the first large period of time away from the ring.

To end 2022, Piper Niven, formerly known as Doudrop, missed three months of WWE programming due to injury.

At WWE Royal Rumble, Niven returned to the ring and lasted 28 minutes in the Women’s Royal Rumble match.

In an interview with Rick Ucchino of the Bleav In Pro Wrestling Podcast, Niven discussed how she was unable to do much while she was away from the squared circle and how it drove her crazy. She said:

“It was a long time that I had off. I wanna say the last time I was in a ring was mid-September and I was under strict instruction, like not to do anything.”

“I wasn’t allowed to train, wasn’t allow to go gym, like nothing that raised my heart rate because if there was a problem that could damage it.”

“And so yeah, I had a lot of time off just to sit and think about being off. I’ve either had a job or been involved in wrestling since I was really young and I’ve never been injured before.”

Further elaborating on her injuries and the recovery process, Niven stated:

“Like, you know, I’ve had maybe low sprains or injuries that only took like a couple weeks to heal. But I have not been off any particular large period of time and I didn’t realize that when performers and athletes get injured, you can go crazy. I went crazy, crazy. For real, crazy.”

“And I ended up having to talk to some people and found out some things about my life and I’m using that as like a character development moment. So I’m really hoping that I get to share this other side of the story with you guys through wrestling.”

Transcription via Fightful

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