Sami Callihan Wins Impact World Championship On AXS Debut

3 years ago by Nate

Sami Callihan Wins Impact World Championship On AXS Debut

Sami Callihan has defeated Brian Cage to become the new Impact World Champion on Tonight’s debut episode on AXS TV.  Callihan and Brian Cage had what is expected to be the blowoff match to their feud tonight.

Cage and Callihan fought in a cage match in the main event of tonight’s show.  This was a rematch from their Bound For Glory match a couple of weekends ago.

Sami Callihan has arguably been the MVP of Impact Wrestling in the last two years.  He’s had incredible feuds with Brian Cage, Pentagon Jr, and Tessa Blanchard.

Speaking of Tessa Blanchard, after the main event concluded. Tessa Blanchard came down to the ring to get in the face of Callihan.

It is expected Callihan and Blanchard will renew their rivalry over the next months of AXS TV programming.  It is rumored Blanchard will eventually become the Impact World Champion.

While Brian Cage has an incredibly impressive physique and is wonderfully talented, his title reign was hurt by his injuries.  For much of his reign, he was unable to compete.

Callihan and Blanchard carried the show while it was on Twitch.  Congratulations to Sami for winning his first World Title with the company.

It should be highly entertaining to watch the continuation of one of the most talked-about Impact Wrestling feuds in recent memory.  With a larger platform like AXS TV, hopefully, more people will get to see it.

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