See WWE Star’s Awesome New Entrance [VIDEO]

2 weeks ago by Amanda Savage

See WWE Star’s Awesome New Entrance [VIDEO] WWE

After what could be described as a rough night on last week’s episode of WWE Raw, one star got a big new entrance presentation tonight (March 13).

After “being cooked” last week on Raw by John Cena (as the cool kids might say), this week Austin Theory was met backstage by the Street Profits who told him as much directly to his face.

While the backstage segment ended in a challenge and a big match between Theory and Angelo Dawkins, it was competitive until Theory hit a furious left hand punch.

Then putting him away with a vicious A-Town Down, the pinfall victory went to Austin Theory.

With as much of the story between Theory and Cena being told through commentary as through their in-ring interaction, during tonight’s match there was a thoughtful discussion of the upcoming match.

With Graves noting that obviously John Cena sees something in the United States Champion Austin Theory, even calling him, “one more mountain to climb,” since he even accepted the match at WrestleMania 39.

For his part, Kevin Patrick also agreed.

After the match though. Theory put Dawkins in the STFU, the signature submission move of John Cena while he told Dawkins “No more Cena jokes!” until Montez Ford made the run out.

Pausing to mug for the camera, Austin Theory even used John Cena’s signature catchphrase, “You can’t see me,” as the segment came to a close.

Elsewhere on tonight’s WWE, there was a major stipulation match added to WrestleMania 39 for Finn Balor while after, the Judgment Day kicked off the in-ring action on the show. 

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