Session Moth Martina Grateful For ROH Throughout Pandemic (Exclusive)

Session Moth Martina Grateful For ROH Throughout Pandemic (Exclusive) ROH/WrestleTalk

In an exclusive interview with Sanchez Taylor for after PROGRESS Chapter 129, Session Moth Martina opened up about being signed to Ring of Honor (ROH) during the pandemic.

Martina signed with ROH in late 2019, notably after turning an NXT offer down. Unfortunately, Martina was only able to wrestle two matches for the promotion before the pandemic hit in 2020. Martina returned to the ring for ROH for one match that aired in January 2021, before the promotion announced its hiatus in October.

Grateful to ROH for keeping her under contract while she wasn’t able to wrestle, Martina said:

“It was insane because I have been a full-time wrestler working from booking-to-booking since 2018. I had to leave my shoot job to go to Japan, and it was a big risk of being like, ‘Okay, am I gonna have enough bookings now to get week-to-week from now on?’. I took a risk and it worked out for me. And then eventually I got to the point of having a contract which is every wrestler’s dream – you’re actually being paid decent money to do what you love.

“And obviously I was so excited about everything that was gonna happen, but I was so fortunate for the fact that they were still paying us through the pandemic. And it was very scary through it because it was very… it seemed almost likely that they couldn’t, and understandable that they would just cut money if they had to. Like you’ve seen the WWE cuts and so on, it was like having an anxiety over your head the entire time, being like, I can understand why they wouldn’t pay us when it’s been a year and I haven’t performed.

“We did a lot of internet stuff which was fun, but I was definitely scared the entire time it was gonna end. And it went very long, nearly the two years pretty much being paid. I just can’t believe… they could have easily just said, ‘No. We’re cutting you now, we need to take care of ourselves’ kind of thing. I had only done three shows for them, they barely even knew me, I didn’t get a chance, and they were still paying me.

“So I could never ever speak bad (about ROH), I understand that they tried everything in their power to keep it going and everything like that, and I hope the best for the future, I hope to return one day if they come back fully.”

Martina wrestled in the second-ever women’s Thunderbastard match at ‘Chapter 129: I Choo Choo Choose You’. The show will soon be available on DemandPROGRESS and the WWE Network/Peacock. You can read spoilers from the show at this link.

You can listen to the full interview with Martina below:

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