The Dark Order’s John Silver Officially Becomes A Meme

1 year ago by SP3

The Dark Order’s John Silver Officially Becomes A Meme

The Dark Order’s John Silver has joined AEW star Hook and has officially become a wildly popular meme this week.

Silver is a fan favorite for his exciting in-ring style and natural comedic timing, seen mostly on Being The Elite each week.

One skit from BTE has now resulted in a trending meme that is circulating through social media since Wednesday.

Twitter user @kielbasagarage tweeted yesterday the original meme of John Silver drinking beer and whispering to Anna Jay with a caption of:

no it’s called blockchain and it means the monkey is actually mine

Numerous users have either replied to or retweeted the original meme with their own version, including Gold Fro who tweeted about this meme joining “the unholy trinity” of memes:

John Silver even joined in the fun to mark the occasion tweeting:

Im officially a meme

The original tweet has over 15,000 retweets and should earn more thanks to Silver’s stamp of approval.

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