The Rock Comments On His Daughter Wanting To Pursue Wrestling

The Rock Comments On His Daughter Wanting To Pursue Wrestling WWE

The Rock has commented on his daughter Simone Johnson (WWE name Ava) wanting to pursue wrestling.

Many wrestling fans have been following the career of NXT star Ava since before she got started on the developmental brand.

The reason for this is that Ava is the daughter of former multi-time WWE Champion and Hollywood megastar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The amount of pressure Ava, real name Simone Johnson, must feel on a regular basis has to be immense thanks to the legacy her father and her entire family has left for her.

Speaking with Kevin Hart on his new Peacock show, “Hart To Heart,” The Rock was asked about his daughter wanting to pursue the family profession. He stated:

“Man you and I have talked about this. That was a special moment. Man and my daughter Simone, my oldest daughter, said I want to get into the business. Much like I said that years before her.”

“I said, ‘what business?’ She goes, ‘the wrestling business.’ I said, ‘I love it.’ Now what that also does like immediately I loved it and had a great sense of pride just as a father.”

“But of course as a parent, you start think about all the pitfalls, all the hardships, all the s**t that I know that she’s going to go through because I’ve lived that business.”

“One thing I always like to say is there’s the pomp and circumstance of pro wrestling. It’s the pageantry, the WrestleManias, the bright lights, the big contracts, the global company and then there’s that underbelly in that world of pro wrestling.”

“Just like being on the circuit, right when you’re trying to come up as a comedian. You play all these small towns, all these small clubs and all that s**t you gotta deal with and the backstage politics.”

“So I started thinking about that for her, but at the same time, as a father I have enough confidence to know that as a father, I have instilled in her from what I value and work ethic. So man I was so proud.”

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Ava is currently a member of the Schism stable on WWE NXT. She has only wrestled in two televised matches.

As previously reported, Roxanne Perez recently revealed she believed The Rock was set to return at WWE WrestleMania 39 in Hollywood earlier this year.

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