Title Changes Hands At IMPACT Slammiversary

3 years ago by Nate

Title Changes Hands At IMPACT Slammiversary

In a night where every IMPACT title is on the line at Slammiversary, we get our first title change in the first official title match of the night. Chris Bey wins the X-Division Championship after defeating Willie Mack.

The match was fairly short, but included some hard-hitting action. Willie Mack was in control early. He hit a neck-breaker onto Bey from the apron to the concrete floor.

Bey landed oddly and the rest of the match Mack would work over the neck. It looked like Mack would pick up the win.

However, Bey moved out of the way of the 6 Star Splash from Mack. Mack would try to attack Bey, but would hit the ref.

Bey took advantage and poked Mack in the Eye. Bey would hit his new finisher The Are of Finesse. Bey would make the 3 count.

Bey is the new X-Division Champion. This Bey’s first IMPACT championship of any kind. Bey just recently signed a full-time deal. He’s made a big impact, pun intended, since joining.

Bey seems like a perfect fit as the X-Division Champ. Congratulations to Chris Bey on the big win.

Follow along with all the live results here.  

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