Street Profits quotes (don’t do)

Street Profits quotes (don’t do)

On if they’ll split up:

Ford: “One thing about us is like, with Royal Rumble, we’re not one of these tag teams that we’re gonna stab each other in the back, (or) we’re gonna wait until somebody’s back’s turned and take advantage.

“No, if we’re in the Royal Rumble and it happens to come down to it, we’re not gonna hinder each other from each other’s success – I wanna see him win just as much as he wants to see me win. That’s just the way it is.”

Who has the best hot tag:

Ford: “He might say me, but I gotta go with my man, right hand man, one hundred grand. I mean, he literally goes in the ring and starts bulldozing people. Bodies go flyin’ and you know I’m not lyin’. And when it comes to these texts you know people not replyin’. Bars bro.

“But for me, he’s definitely got the best hot tag in the game, and then it follows up with the From The Heavens – I just try to put the icing on the cake because the work’s already done.”

2 years ago by Liam Winnard


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