Bianca Belair quotes (don’t do)

Bianca Belair quotes (don’t do)

On working with legends in Royal Rumble

“Every time you get in the ring with someone who is that calibre, legends like that, you always learn. The Rumble was amazing – that’s what I love about the Royal Rumble, you have the past, the present, and you have the future all in the ring at once, so the Royal Rumble is a really cool moment to be a part of, and I always love to get in there with the legends.

On feud with Doudrop

“Doudrop’s really fun – I love to get in the ring with Doudrop. I loved that feud too because I feel like I got to show a different side of me. I’m used to being the person in there that’s the bigger person and stronger and tougher, but Doudrop, she’s a strong competitor so I got to show more of my athleticism with her. But to be able to finally KOD her after she had been running from me week after week, I feel like that was a special moment there, and I really wanted to prove that I was the strongEST. I train all the time for it, and it was just my moment to prove it in that moment.”

On Sasha Banks at Mania

“It was very special. It’s gonna go down as one of my favorite matches of my entire career, if not my favorite match. Also to just get in the ring with Sasha Banks for one, she calls herself ‘The Boss’ and she lives up to that. She is that. She pushed me to my limit, she brought the best out of me. Walking out as SmackDown Women’s Champion, it was everything to be able to do that in front of my family, in front of fans for the first time in a very long time. But I say this all the time, I walked out as champion and I won that night, but nobody lost that night. Sasha Banks didn’t lose that night, she won along with me, because of how significant that moment was to go down in history.”

Her goal to beat all the Horsewomen

“It’s crazy because I feel like I did have a very great year in 2021, a very fast great year, but I feel like I’m still only at the tip of the iceberg, so I’m very excited to see what the future has to hold and the potential that’s there, I’m excited. I just live for the moments, I live for the big moments, I live to be a part of every single moment, and do my job well, whether it’s main eventing at WrestleMania or going to SummerSlam and losing in 26 seconds but finding a way to come out on top and have everyone behind me. In that moment, I feel like I really have gotten the chance to show who Bianca Belair is, even without a title, and show that I still am the EST of WWE. So my goal is to just be in all the big moments and always come out on top. And eventually beat, and pin, all four horsewomen. That’s a goal of mine. I got Bayley, I got Sasha, Becky and Charlotte are next, so two out of four. That’s my long-term goal.”

Her dream match is Beth Phoenix or mixed tag with Ford and Edge

“My dream match – and I say this in every interview that they ask this – is Beth Phoenix. I always say, ‘Beth, come back, come back and wrestle me’. She came back and did a match with her and Edge vs Miz and Maryse, but that would be a dream match if I’m champion or not champion, if she comes back and we get to have a match together. She was the first person I watched and related to. And I’d love a dream match with me and my husband Montez Ford against Beth and Edge, so, I think we could make some magic with that.”

2 years ago by Liam Winnard


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