Top Star Has ADORABLE Interaction With Little Fan At WWE Raw [VIDEO]

1 month ago by Amanda Savage

Top Star Has ADORABLE Interaction With Little Fan At WWE Raw [VIDEO] WWE

A top WWE star is caught having an adorable interaction with a little fan at WWE Raw this week that you have to see!

Yes, there is a headline with ADORABLE in all caps and I’ll go down with this ship because this clip is the cutest of the cute!

In the clip re-posted by WWE on BT Sport on Twitter shows Rollins seeing an adorable little guy in the crowd and giving him some love for staying up all night!

Rollins, who has his own toddler with Becky Lynch (the also adorable Roux!) was impressed at the youngster’s ability to stay awake throughout the show and gave him some little jabs and a sweet kiss to top it off.

Adorable indeed!

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It seems both Rollins and Reigns are headed to major albeit different kinds of matches at WrestleMania 39.

Rollins seems to be engaged in a burgeoning feud with Logan Paul after some choice words as of late.

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