Top WWE Star Issues Warning After Illegal Hacking Attempts

Top WWE Star Issues Warning After Illegal Hacking Attempts WWE

WWE Women’s Champion Asuka has responded to attempts to hack into her social media accounts with a warning to those who are trying.

Asuka issued the warning on July 27 using her own Twitter account, saying:

“Stop trying to illegally log into my account.

“I will check your IP address and report you 🤬”

A follower would offer advice to Asuka about her account security, tweeting:

“Change your password and turn on Two-factor authentication I had to do that on my Amazon account and Twitch account.”

Asuka would confirm that she had taken these steps, replying:


“So if someone tries to log in illegally, I get notified.”

A number of other followers would also suggest two-factor authentication, along with other steps to help shore up account security.

For any Twitter (X) users who want to check their 2FA settings, the Twitter Help site provides details here.

Facebook also provides advice on two-factor authentication here, with Instagram’s advice being found here.

If you’re interested in seeing if your email address or password has been part of a data breach, Have I Been Pwned? can provide that information.

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2 months ago by Dave Adamson


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