WWE Internal Reaction To Vince McMahon Raw & SmackDown Appearances

11 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

WWE Internal Reaction To Vince McMahon Raw & SmackDown Appearances WWE

More details have emerged on the backstage reaction to Vince McMahon’s WWE SmackDown and Raw TV appearances.

Following last week’s announcement that Vince McMahon had voluntarily stepped down as WWE CEO and Chairman, McMahon opened that night’s episode of SmackDown, reciting WWE’s ‘Then, Now, Forever, Together’ tagline.

McMahon then made a surprise appearance on the following episode of Raw to state that John Cena will return to WWE on next week’s episode, as previously announced.

These appearances came in the wake of ‘hush pact’ allegations against McMahon, which you can read all the details on at this link.

Per Mike Johnson of PWInsider, there has been ‘a lot of head shaking’ at McMahon for returning to TV amidst the investigations and allegations. Some have reportedly perceived the appearances as an acto fo denial towards those questioning him.

The report also noted that a minority within the company have speculated as to whether this whole situation will be the beginning of the end for McMahon.

There has also reportedly been talk about whether WWE will introduce larger checks and balances and if anyone could enforce them on McMahon.

It was noted that there is a lot of silence from employees who mostly seem to be waiting to see how things are playing out, with some holding their thoughts, reportedly concerned with what executives will end up with power after things settle down.

Earlier this week, Bruce Prichard has been named the interim Head of Talent Relations, with John Laurinaitis taking administrative leave.

Five separate law firms in total have announced that they’re investigating WWE, following the WWE Board of Director’s initial investigation.

We will continue to provide updates on the situation as they become available.

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