WWE Star Reacts To Rumors Of Major Faction Splitting Up

WWE Star Reacts To Rumors Of Major Faction Splitting Up WWE

Coming out of last night’s June 12 WWE Raw, one talent has addressed rumors that a major faction could be splitting up soon.

In something that started last week and continued this week, there looks to be growing tension between Judgment Day members Damian Priest and Finn Balor.

Someone who could become a big part of that playing out is JD McDonagh, who was called up to Raw from NXT in the WWE Draft about a month-and-a-half ago.

Soon after he was called up, McDonagh was shown being ‘scouted’ by Balor, but there had been no interaction between them for several weeks… until last night.

Balor and McDonagh were shown conversing backstage, with McDonagh thanking Balor for some advice he’d given him and alluding to “another problem” that needed to be dealt with.

That’s when Damian Priest walked in and McDonagh left, with Balor insisting his little chat with McDonagh was nothing more than just that.

Balor then asked Priest to clarify – if Priest wins the Money in the Bank ladder match and Balor wins the World Heavyweight Championship from Seth Rollins – that Priest wouldn’t cash-in on Balor.

Priest said he wouldn’t do that, but he did take a little dig at Balor for being paranoid, and told Balor he should stick to his own word because last week he got involved in Priest’s match with Rollins last week, which Priest had asked him not to.

So essentially, in short, the idea seems to be Balor potentially breaking away from Priest and forming an alliance with McDonagh.

Balor and McDonagh have a lot of real-life history with them both being from the same area in Ireland and Balor credited as one of McDonagh’s trainers, so it wouldn’t be anything out of the blue for Triple H to unite them on TV and play into that.

A fan on Twitter made a post alluding to that history and pointing out that it could be all be coming “full circle”, to which McDonagh responded:

Chill out, we were just catching up.

Well that sounds about as convincing as the email I got earlier telling me I’d been rewarded with $2,500,000 from a Nigerian Prince called Phil.

As well as the internal turmoil in the group, all four members of Judgment Day had big parts to play individually on last night’s Raw.

Rhea Ripley was presented with the new WWE Women’s World Championship, which is the same as Seth Rollins’ men’s version but with a white strap (like Asuka’s is the same as Roman Reigns’ but with a white strap).

Ripley’s partner in crime (and potentially other things) Dominik Mysterio set up a match at Money in the Bank against Cody Rhodes, which has been made official.

And as mentioned earlier, Damian Priest will be in the Money in the Bank ladder match after he beat Matt Riddle in a qualifier, while Finn Balor will challenge Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship at the London event on July 1.

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4 months ago by Liam Winnard


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