WWE Name Opens Up About Losing Confidence, Names Stars Who Helped Him

WWE Name Opens Up About Losing Confidence, Names Stars Who Helped Him WWE

WWE NXT commentator Vic Joseph has opened up about his confidence taking a knock, naming the previous NXT names who helped him regain it.

Joseph joined the NXT commentary team in August 2020. The team has changed a few times since then, with Joseph now working alongside Booker T.

Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, Joseph noted that his confidence took a hit prior to his NXT move, while he was calling several shows without a permanent home.

Noting that Wade Barrett, Beth Phoenix and Booker T helped to build him back up again, he said;

“Something you hit on earlier, not being the star. You know, knowing that you aren’t the focal point (Joseph responded when asked what makes a good commentator).

“Also having great teammates. You know, I want to give a huge shout out to Booker T. Booker is Booker, Booker and I do not talk about much, we hang out for hours before the show.

“When we go out there on Tuesdays, what you hear is-is just live, off the cuff, off the top of our heads. When I was coming back to NXT when we talk about Mauro (Ranallo), Wade Barrett came in, and having done Mixed Match Challenge, 205 Live, Monday Night Raw, NXT U.K and all these different shows to finally have a little bit more of a permanent home.

“My confidence was hit a little bit, in all honesty, and Wade Barrett specifically helped me, he gave me my confidence back. And I’d be wrong not to include Beth Phoenix in there. And so you have to have confidence.

“Those two, brought it back to me. Booker kind of lets me be me because I let him be him and it kind of goes, okay, I do know what I’m doing. And when Shawn Michaels is sitting back there and goes, nice job, kid, great job.

“It’s kind of like, okay, I do know. I don’t want to say self gratification. But you kind of have like, okay, I do know what I’m doing. So you have to have that confidence. But also, to me, it’s telling stories.

“Roman Reigns has had a beautiful story with The Bloodline that has included Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, and then you throw in Cody Rhodes.”

The May 30 edition of NXT was eventful, with several main roster stars showing up to confront NXT names.

Baron Corbin notably attacked NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes at the end of the show, indicating that the free agent will soon go after the NXT Title.

Another WWE star has shared his confused reaction to Corbin’s appearance, which you can read more about right here.

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