Who Pitched For Nia Jax WWE Royal Rumble Return Revealed

2 months ago by Dave Adamson

Who Pitched For Nia Jax WWE Royal Rumble Return Revealed WWE

The well-respected WWE name that brought in a surprise entrant for the 2023 Royal Rumble has been revealed.

Nia Jax was released by WWE in November 2021 and made a one-off return as entrant 30 in the Women’s Royal Rumble in January 2023.

She revealed who was instrumental in her return on the Ring The Belle podcast, saying:

“I get a call from the office and they were just like, ‘Hey, so, we are planning to have you in the Rumble’ and I was like, ‘What? Are you asking me or are you telling me? What?’

“And I already know, I love TJ (Wilson). TJ’s hands down one of the best producers. Fit Finlay and TJ have been huge in making Nia Jax who she is or was.

“They were so incredible and I already knew, TJ pitched me for it because me and TJ are really cool and so when he said that, I’m guessing he just assumed because TJ and I are so cool and so I was like, ‘Yeah.’

“I was like, ‘Let’s do this, let’s go’ and I called up my gear people, I called up all the boots people, my boot maker and I was like, ‘Listen, we gotta expedite this.’”

Footage from Jax’s return at the Royal Rumble, which would include Rhea Ripley hitting Riptide and then eleven members of the women’s roster eliminating Jax can be seen below this news story.

In the interview, Jax would also discuss plans that would have seen Enzo Amore as the guest referee for her match at WrestleMania 34.

She would also reveal that she’s “the last person to know” when it comes to her WWE appearances, even with the company releasing a T-shirt after her Royal Rumble appearance.

Transcript from Post Wrestling.

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