Popular WWE Star Continues To Tease Heel Turn

Popular WWE Star Continues To Tease Heel Turn WWE

On tonight’s WWE SmackDown, a top WWE star continued to tease a potential turn to the dark side as they’ve started to show off a new attitude.

With Charlotte Flair coming to the ring for an edition of the Grayson Waller Effect, their exchange was brief but memorable (with Waller getting permission to do a ‘Woo!’) it was interrupted by Bianca Belair.

Belair remains incensed regarding Adam Pearce having promised her a rematch with Asuka after feeling the title was won from her at Night of Champions through dubious means, and then promptly giving the opportunity to a returning Flair.

As the pair went back and forth on the microphone, the moment allowed showcase their motives with the crowd seemingly excited to decide who to root for as both were well received.

With even Michael Cole on commentary noting that Bianca has been in a grumpy mood lately, the light teases towards a possible Belair heel turn continued.

While Bianca had a more heel persona in NXT, she has been presented as a babyface throughout her time on the WWE main roster.

However at this point, with Bianca Belair asking reasonable questions, it is less of a heel turn than it is a positive example of a female speaking up for herself but we’ll keep monitoring the storyline.

With Bianca pledging to be at ringside in two weeks for Charlotte Flair’s match against Asuka, could we see a full heel turn in front of the wild O2 crowd?

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4 months ago by Amanda Savage



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