WWE Star Issues Legal Letter Protesting Result Of Match

WWE Star Issues Legal Letter Protesting Result Of Match WWE

WWE NXT star Luca Crusifino has issued legal proceedings against management following a recent match on NXT TV.

Crusifino has his own in-character ‘law firm’, complete with a website, under the name Crusifino Law Firm, where visitors can follow the many cases he has raised and their outcomes.

His latest legal case involves the result of Crusifino vs Tavion Heights from the December 19, 2023, episode of WWE NXT.

In that match, Crusino would lose to Heights by pinfall, though the legal notice (which can be seen below) asserts:

“Upon information and belief, we are aware of numerous photos circulating the internet currently which show Mr. Crusifino’s right foot underneath the bottom rope. Hence, Mr. Crusifino was never actually pinned.”

Crusifino’s notice goes on to back up his claim with a WWE Bylaw, specifically:

“WWE Bylaw Section 4, Sub-section C, Provision 1a states:

“Grabbing, touching, or crossing through the ropes with any body part during a pinfall or a submission constitutes a rope break.”

The notice cites John Cena vs Great Khali from “WWE Vengeance Day 2007” (which was actually WWE Judgment Day 2007) which saw Cena pin Khali while his foot was under the ropes.

A rematch would be granted to Khali because of that, and would take place at WWE One Night Stand on June 3, 2007 with Cena retaining the WWE Championship.

On January 11, 2024, WWE NXT authority figure Ava (real-life daughter of The Rock) would respond to Crusifino posting his notice of appeal, also dated January 11, 2024, with:

“It’s been 2 days…”

This isn’t the first time Crusifino has used legal action to contest the outcome of one of his matches, with a previous match against Von Wagner having also seen a legal notice sent.

Crusifino isn’t only interested in his own rights, either, as he has also called into question the result of the Loser Leaves Judgment Day match that saw JD McDonagh ‘lose’ his position in the faction to R-Truth in December 2023.

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5 months ago by Dave Adamson


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