WWE SmackDown Live Review, May 15, 2018 – Is The Tokyo Dome A Stipulation?


I’m all wrestled out. Someone come and rub my belly and call me Susan.

If that sentence didn’t put you off, well done, you’ve passed the first test. The next test is making it to the end, which I promise is worth it.

It was a pretty good show it has to be said. For me, it was the first time I saw Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles live, which was a bit of a treat, and the rest of the show was good too.

It began with the aforementioned man who shouts “Yes,” who conducted a barely audible interview over the raucously chanting crowd. You really don’t appreciate just how loud an audience can be until you see Daniel Bryan live. It was insane.

He promised he wouldn’t let the loss to Rusev be seen as a setback, and went on to say he would one day become WWE┬áChampion again. This, of course, brought out Big Cass, who cut another very good, if a bit delusional promo.

He claimed he let Bryan win so that he could attack him after the match without being in too much pain. He labeled Bryan as a loser, which feels slightly hypocritical, but that’s heels for you.

This led to Bryan beating down on Cass, targeting the big man’s leg in a very heelish manner. It finished with Bryan putting Cass in a heel hold (the move that was originally going to be his finisher when he joined WWE).

It was then announced that Cass would be squaring off against Samoa Joe in a Men’s Money In The Bank ladder match qualifier next week. Joe’s new gimmick seems to be inserting himself into other people’s feuds. Get your own feud, Joe!

Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas made his SmackDown Live debut in a typical ‘squash a local jobber’ match, which was fine. I’ve never been a big fan of debut squash matches, but it gave Zelina Vega some time to give a nice promo promising that Almas will tear through the division.

He got a pretty decent reception from the London crowd too, which was promising. Andrade is fantastic, so let’s hope he is one of the NXT success stories rather than a Revival-like main roster crucifixion.

Guess what, it looks like our two women’s champions after Money In The Bank will be Ronda Rousey and Asuka, who saw that one coming?

Of course, it’s more than likely that there will be some sort of cash-in shenanigans, but who is going to defeat them once they’ve won the titles?

Asuka interrupted Carmella’s ‘Royal Mellabration’ which included a town crier and some royal guards (eagle-eyed viewers will have spotted PROGRESS star Jack Sexsmith dress as a guard, and also as a conga line member for No Way Jose).

Well, they got Britain wrapped up in a nutshell, didn’t they? We’re all quaint and we love the Queen. It was like being home.

Carmella is best when she’s not wrestling, so this was an enjoyable segment where she demanded the crowd to cheer and bow down to her. Paige’s interruption and the announcement of the Carmella match look to be the end of an uninspiring title reign… oh man, imagine if Carmella wins clean… please no.

Some other business to quickly run through before we discuss the night’s main event.

Becky Lynch defeated Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville to qualify for the MITB match. This looks to be the end of Absolution, something I think very few people are hugely upset about.

The New Day defeated The Bar, meaning one of The New Day’s members will be in the MITB match. All rumors are pointing towards this being Big-E, who is reportedly set for a big push in WWE.

A backstage segment with Rusev, Aiden English and Lana teased that perhaps Rusev Day will now be a three-person stable. Please run with this – Aiden needs to stay!

So, onto the main event.

Now that we’ve seen AJ face Shinsuke 347 times in the past three weeks, the match has lost a bit of its dream quality, but the end seems to be nigh.

The winner of this particular match got the honor of choosing the stipulation of their match at Money In The Bank. Shinsuke picked up the victory in what was a good, if a tad short, TV match.

This could suggest that he won’t win whatever match he is going to choose, but we will have to wait and see.

I am pretty intrigued by what he will choose, so hopefully, WWE won’t make it a stupid ‘flag match’ or something like that. AJ’s ‘Pole on a Pole’ match suggestion may seem ridiculous but you never know with Vince… you just never know.


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