Adam Cole Reveals Inspiration Behind AEW Entrance Theme

8 months ago by Taylor Sanchez

Adam Cole Reveals Inspiration Behind AEW Entrance Theme

Adam Cole has discussed the inspiration behind his current AEW entrance theme, and the debate about whether or not to include a ‘Boom!’ in the song.

Speaking on AEW Unrestricted, Cole praised music producer Mikey Rukus for nailing his theme music first go. Noting that fan reaction prompted him to ask for a ‘boom’ to be added to the track, Cole said:

“Talking with Mikey Rukus was such a fun process. I had explained to him my vision of where I wanted song to go, I said I wanted it to be a ‘Rage Against The Machine’ vibe in that sense. Also, ‘Something For You’ was a song I used to come out to in Ring Of Honor and I loved the drum and the bass in that song, so I wanted something involving that, also. He just literally meshed the two together so perfectly, it was incredible how he nailed it on first go, it was wild.

“As far as timing of the ‘boom’, funnily enough, Rukus had that ready to go for a while. For anyone who was like ‘The timing of boom was kinda off’, that’s on me, because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have (a specific timing) for the song to have to hit the ‘boom’. After a couple of weeks, and I saw how many people really wanted that to exist in the song, I finally told Rukus ‘Hey man, lets put that in there.’

“I was thinking ‘Okay, maybe I do it just at any point of the song’, as sometimes depending on the size of the ramp, the speed at which you get into a match, or the time on television, I’m like ‘Do I have to go? Okay, my entrance every time is going to be 1 minute 30 seconds.’

“When I saw how important it was to everyone, I was like okay, I have to put (the ‘boom’) in there, but Rukus had that ready to go from the gate.”

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Cole debuted his AEW theme at All Out in September, after his WWE contract expired in August. The former NXT Champion recently recalled a key in-ring lesson he learnt from Shawn Michaels while at the WWE Performance Center.

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