Update On ‘Real Bad Situation’ With AEW Star

Update On ‘Real Bad Situation’ With AEW Star AEW

Following recent news that an AEW star quit his home promotion, details have emerged of the “real bad situation.”

Recently, AEW’s Rush announced that both he and his father had quit working for AAA and are back to being independents.

As noted in that news story, Rush was scheduled to team alongside LA Park against Psycho Clown and Sam Adonis at TripleMania 31 in Tijuana, with the losing team set to face off against each other in a Mask vs Hair match at TripleMania Mexico City.

Dave Meltzer has provided further insight into the story on Wrestling Observer Radio, stating:

“The Rush situation is very interesting. I have not heard from anyone there (AAA), and nobody really has as far as AAA, they have not, as far as I know, addressed the situation.

“Obviously it’s a real bad situation. LA Park has been talking that he wants Rush to do the show because he’s now left up in the lurch.

“AAA’s getting a lot of heat for it and perhaps justifiably so because you put this thing together for the three TripleManias and LA Park and Rush are supposed to wrestle Sam Adonis and Psycho Clown in Tijuana on July 15, and Rush has quit AAA and said he’s going independently.

“He’s also said he’s looking for a contract which is a very interesting thing. He is under contract to AEW and we’ll have to see how all of this plays out, but a lot of movement in the Rush situation, and AAA has not addressed it at all, anywhere.”

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AEW’s QT Marshall recently made a surprise appearance in AAA, and is now set for a match against Penta El Zero Miedo at the upcoming TripleMania XXXI event.

WrestleTalk will keep its readers updated on any developments in the Rush and AAA story.

If you use this transcription or any portion of it please credit WrestleTalk.com and link to this page.

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4 months ago by Dave Adamson


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