AEW Star Responds To Undertaker Saying He Should Be In WWE Hall Of Fame

AEW Star Responds To Undertaker Saying He Should Be In WWE Hall Of Fame AEW/WWE

The Undertaker recently commented that Dustin Rhodes should be in the WWE Hall of Fame and the AEW star has now reacted.

The comments were made of the Six Feet Under podcast, with The Undertaker saying he expected it’d happen “down the road“.

During an appearance on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Rhodes reacted to The Undertaker’s words, saying:

“That was nice of him. I loved working with Mark. He was great. Always great. When you got two people that can work, it makes things a lot easier, and back then everybody could work. You had good matches and good storylines. It was just different.

“The Attitude Era was a different beast man, different than anything we’ve ever had.”

Rhodes would go on to discuss the eras of wrestling that following and the importance of learning from the past, saying:

“The Ruthless Aggression Era and all the other eras that we have gone through and look at where we’re at now, and just how much the business has changed over the years.

“I’m an old-school guy and I say this to my students all the time. Without the old school, there is none of this new school. You have to learn this sh*t right here. Then you add your little spices and your little 2024 attitude with it and a couple of new move sets.”

He would conclude by discussing what brings fans back to wrestling, stating:

“People want to be told a story, period, and I swear to God, it still works. That’s me. I’m a storyteller. I’m big on psychology. I’m big on making people feel something because that is the most important thing.

“If they’re feeling something at home sitting in the recliner and I touch their lives or move them in some way, they’re coming back. They’re not turning the channel and there’s a lot of people that don’t.

“There are a lot of people just going through the motions and doing moves and moves with no rhyme, no meaning, and you know, nothing against them, but that’s just not me. I mean, there’s different styles and mine is old school.”

In the interview, Rhodes would also discuss whether he had considered leaving AEW at the same time as Cody Rhodes.

He also shared his thoughts on retiring and revealed that he didn’t expect to retire as early as he had previously stated.

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