Rumored Fight Backstage After CM Punk’s Comments About AEW EVPs, Adam Page & Colt Cabana

Rumored Fight Backstage After CM Punk’s Comments About AEW EVPs, Adam Page & Colt Cabana AEW

UPDATE – More details on what reportedly happened have now been revealed – read more at this link.

It’s been rumored that there was a fight backstage involving CM Punk and members of the Elite after Punk’s comments in the All Out media scrum.

UPDATE: Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez have shared more details about what happened on Wrestling Observer Radio, saying:

Alvarez: “Apparently there was an altercation after (Punk) left the press conference. He was obviously very mad, and we had multiple, multiple sources state that there was an altercation. I wasn’t there, I don’t know everything that happened, but many people said that there was an altercation with Punk and the Young Bucks. I don’t know who else was there, but it happened, and everybody knew about it, and a security guard did in fact go running out of the press conference.

“I would presume that there were people that did the press conference that knew this had happened, but Tony Khan did not know that it had happened because Tony Khan did not have his phone and nobody told him until after.”

Meltzer: “There was a melee. Whatever that word means.”

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Original Story:

During the scrum, Punk addressed the rumors that he was responsible for Colt Cabana disappearing from AEW TV and was nearly let go by AEW, before the Young Bucks stepped in and Tony Khan decided to keep Cabana for ROH instead.

Punk had some very, very harsh words for AEW’s EVPs (the Bucks and Kenny Omega), Adam Page and Colt Cabana, which, for full context, can be found at this link.

Soon after Punk had left the scrum, it was noticed that a member of the security team hurriedly left the area as well, which led to speculation that there had been some kind of incident.

Speaking on Fightful’s post-show for All Out, Sean Ross Sapp said:

“This is completely unconfirmed, but the word I’m getting is that there was something physical or some sort of skirmish with some members of the Elite, and Punk and Ace Steel. I’ve far from confirmed that or anything, but that is all over the place and very, very alleged right now.”

When later asked on Twitter to “find out who was fighting”, Sapp replied: “I found out who was rumored to be”, in reference to the above comment.

Fightful Select did report that Omega and the Bucks were “very pissed off” about Punk’s comments, and word was going around that they may have threatened to leave the company over the situation.

We will of course keep you informed with any further updates.

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