Former WWE Star ‘Disappointed’ With Exit From Company, Had Planned To Re-Sign

Former WWE Star ‘Disappointed’ With Exit From Company, Had Planned To Re-Sign WWE

Former WWE star Donovan Dijak has revealed he was “disappointed” with his exit from the company and planned to re-sign.

On June 27, Dijak took to social media to post a letter formally announcing his departure from WWE when his contract expired on June 28, 2024.

Since his departure, the former WWE star has made his first appearances on the independent scene and was reportedly backstage at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door.

Speaking with Forbes, Dijak expressed his disappointment with his WWE exit and explained that he had planned to re-sign with the company. On what his next move will be with both WWE and AEW’s rosters being loaded, he said:

“Yeah, so I’m investigating that and exploring it in real time. A lot of people saw the letter that I released, and that was all factually accurate. I didn’t find out very, very long before that all of this was going down.”

“So in a sense, it’s on me. I should have been planning better. But the reality is I wasn’t really planning for this. I was planning on re-signing a new contract and negotiating a new contract. So once this got dumped on me, it became kind of a fire sale.”

“I needed to figure out what to do quickly because my last paycheck was coming up soon. So right now I’ve dove headfirst. My wife is helping me tremendously fill out my calendar.”

“Like I said, my letter had my booking email on it and my phone just about exploded the second that I pushed that off.”

“So I’ve been trying to fill dates and pieced together everything. I’m starting with the guys that I’m familiar with.”

“I’ve already shown up at Blitzkrieg Pro, which was an indie that treated me well back in the day. Just got announced for Beyond, Limitless, RevPro.”

When asked if he felt betrayed by WWE CCO Triple H, who he had previously worked with in NXT, Dijak instead explained why he was “disappointed” with the lack of explanation following his departure.

Dijak said:

“I don’t know that I’d say betrayed is the word that I would use. And a lot of this has to be taken with a grain of salt, because the bottom line is, I don’t know. I never got an explanation, which for the record, that’s not cool. I wanted an explanation and I asked lots of people for an explanation. I did not get one.

“Again, it’s a business. They don’t owe me anything. They’re not legally obligated to tell me anything. That being said, I felt like my tenure in WWE and my performance in WWE, at a bare minimum, I think that warranted some sort of explanation as to what was happening. I never got one. And that’s disappointing.

“The word I would use the most to describe how I feel about WWE, and the components of WWE and how this transpired, would be ‘disappointed,’ not disgusted, not angry, not none of that.

“That being said, somebody had to be involved in the decision-making process. If it wasn’t him, fine. If Endeavor said, ‘Nope, you got to get rid of five guys…’ I don’t know the situation. I don’t know. So I can’t in all good conscious sit back and point the finger at any one person because I was given no explanation. And maybe that’s why I wasn’t given an explanation.

“So I can’t pinpoint what went wrong and who made what call and whatever it happens to be. Whatever the process was, whatever the decision making process was, it’s disappointing for sure, and I need to prove whoever was involved in that process wrong. I need to make sure that I prove them wrong.”

The former WWE star competed in his first post-WWE match on the Beyond Wrestling Americana show on July 4.

Dijak also stated that AEW President Tony Khan is “aware” of his interest to join his promotion elsewhere in the interview, which you can read at this link.

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