Kenny Omega Concerned Another Setback Could Be Career-Ending

Kenny Omega Concerned Another Setback Could Be Career-Ending AEW

Kenny Omega has opened up, revealing candid thoughts on his current rehabilitation and concern regarding an eventual in-ring return.

Chatting on the CEO Twitch channel, Omega shared a shocking revelation about his current course of recovery.

Kenny Omega continued working at an extremely high level despite struggling through vertigo, and multiple injuries and now describes his concern about the unrealistic expectations likely to haunt any eventual return.

Revealing candid concern that another setback could spell the end of his in-ring career entirely, Omega said:

“If I get another major setback, that’s it. That’s it, I’m done, I can’t do this ever again. Two times, three times a day, really painful rehab, not even knowing what it’s going to be like when I get back in the ring. I have no clue. It’s scary, actually. You see people, they come back to the ring and you’re just happy to see them back.

“There is a different kind of expectation put on me, and I think that anything less than what they are expecting, which is already unrealistic, is going to lead to a lot of ridicule, which is what I get every day anyway. You can probably understand and imagine how difficult it is, struggling twice, three times a day, trying to get things to work that maybe never worked before, and trying to re-route things in your brain to get around the things that aren’t going heal. People think, ‘Kenny is hurt, he took time off,’ snap your fingers, I come back and I’m 100%. Life doesn’t work that way. Bodies don’t work that way. Athletes don’t work that way. It’s very difficult to formulate a plan and to execute it. We’ll see how I do.”

Kenny Omega has displayed a refreshing candor lately after having a period away from public view while participating in his rigorous rehabiliation, commenting on the AEW x NJPW pay-per-view Fordbidden Door, working on the upcoming AEW video game and shared some thoughts on Will Ospreay.

Transcription via Fightful 

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