Killer Kelly Says Signing New IMPACT Contract Was A ‘No-Brainer’

10 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Killer Kelly Says Signing New IMPACT Contract Was A ‘No-Brainer’ IMPACT

Killer Kelly was recently showcased as the newest member of the IMPACT Knockouts Division, with vignettes hyping her arrival on recent episodes of the show.

Kelly signed with IMPACT back in 2020, but the pandemic as well as Kelly healing from injuries led to her not appearing for the promotion until now.

Speaking with the Battleground podcast, Kelly revealed that she has now signed a multi-year deal with IMPACT, and that signing with the company was a ‘no-brainer’.

She said:

“Absolutely no brainer. It’s what I wanted. I was famished for wrestling. I had a little bit of taste of the taste before and it just made me want more and more, and the fact that I was back in Portugal, not able to wrestle, and I basically haven’t since my last IMPACT appearance. I only had like a couple of matches.”

Kelly then continued on, stating that she wants to come for ‘all’ the belts, and Jordynne Grace is at the top of her list.

She said:

“I have to go in order, Jordynne Grace and then everybody, but the majority of the Knockouts roster, I haven’t faced yet. I’ve only been a couple of things with Jordynne on the indies but it was always like Fatal 4-Ways, tags, it was a tag when I debuted for The Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament. So I haven’t had her one-on-one and I really want to do that and all the others that I never had a chance to step in the ring with. I’m really looking forward to it.

“I want all the belts. The first one that I won was the wXw Women’s Championship. I was the first ever champion and then since then, nothing. Nothing at all. Like it’s terrible. Not good at all. So IMPACT, I’m gonna have to pursue all the titles,”

Kelly is set to make her debut on tonight’s (July 28) episode of IMPACT Wrestling.

transcription via Fightful

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