Legado Del Fantasma To Main Roster Confirmed?

7 months ago by Amanda Savage

Legado Del Fantasma To Main Roster Confirmed? WWE

Did NXT 2.0 just confirm that all of Santos Escobar’s Legado Del Fantasma are headed to the main roster very soon?

After a loss as a part of Tony D’Angelo’s family, Joaquin Wilde, Cruz Del Toro and Elektra Lopez were leaving the building as a big black SUV pulled up.

The driver revealed himself to be Santos Escobar who rolled his window down to say:

“You didn’t think I was going to leave without you, did you? La Familia sticks together.”

Escobar then instructed his faction to get in the vehicle as they obliged and were seen driving off!

There has been significant speculation that after NXT Heatwave saw Santos Escobar written off of NXT 2.0 television that he would be headed to the main roster.

This is the first major indication that not only will Santos Escobar be getting called up to the main roster but presumably, all of Legado Del Fantasma are main roster bound soon!

Elsewhere on tonight’s NXT 2.0, a wrestling legend appeared to challenge a current champion, a story from WWE Raw continued on NXT, the son of an AEW star debuted on NXT 2.0 and a major stipulation was made for the NXT Worlds Collide NXT Championship match.

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