MJF & More AEW Stars Break Silence About Alleged Backstage Conflict

MJF & More AEW Stars Break Silence About Alleged Backstage Conflict AEW

Several AEW stars, including AEW World Champion MJF, have come out with statements about alleged conflict within the women’s division.

This all comes after comments made by indie wrestler LuFisto who gave her perspective on her time in the AEW locker room, which you can get caught up on at this link.

The likes of MJF, Saraya, Renee Paquette and other full-time AEW stars broke their silence in response all around the same time today.

MJF tweeted:

If you listen to miserable people who never made it in this sport that’s not exactly the brightest thing to do.

Use your brain.

If someone’s been in professional wrestling for over a decade and you find them to be talented but they’ve never truly “panned out” there’s a reason for it.

1. Lack of talent.

2. Difficulty to work with.

3. Delusional

Just to name a few.

People love to talk ill of companies and will say things like “I’m the only person who’s brave enough to speak up.” When in reality the only reason you’re spewing bulls**t is because you are aware deep down you aren’t going to make it so what’s the harm in spewing reckless lies and trying to hurt hard working talented people on your way down to obscurity.

We have an amazing women’s locker room.

Sorry not sorry.

Saraya wrote:

The narrative going around is very disheartening considering someone says they want the best for women’s wrestling but buries it in a number of tweets.. I will say being in this company close to a year, my favourite part is being with the girls in the lockerroom. They uplift, support and laugh with eachother every week and only want the best for one another. We hype eachother up, we buy eachother wrestling gear sometimes just as a little surprise, we text eachother daily and we are there as a shoulder too. This is one of the best lockerrooms I’ve been in and I refuse to let people twist it to be otherwise. Love you all ❤

Renee Paquette tweeted:

We have an incredible women’s division that all look out for and support each other. I’ve never seen it be anything other than a safe space for a bunch of kick ass women that all want to see each other and all of @aew shine to their full potential. Women hating women is a real dusty take.

Harley Cameron posted:

As one of the newest women in the @AEW roster , I have been welcomed , encouraged , inspired by my entire locker room -and the entire company. I love going to work every week.

Nyla Rose wrote:

One person’s PERSONAL experience is NOT

a) the gospel truth

B) facts

C) anything but one perspective influenced by PERSONAL experience and interaction

I’m sad, hurt, annoyed, angry, and honestly a little betrayed.. funny thing is it’s not by a single woman in our locker room

Britt Baker reacted to a specific comment made by LuFisto who claimed there had been a backstage meeting to “shoot on Thunder Rosa”. Baker tweeted:

False. Thunder called the meeting to discuss multiple/personal issues. There was no meeting to “shoot on” her – these are salacious Twitter rumors. I’m sure when she’s ready she can help clarify.

Ruby Soho, who LuFisto had specifically spoken about having issues with, tweeted:

The women in the AEW locker room don’t just claim to be in support of women’s wrestling, they show it. Whether you see it or not. The ones who don’t ask for credit after they stand in gorilla and cheer for two women who beat other to a pulp for your amusement. The ones who lend an enhancement talent their knee pads because they forgot theirs at home. The ones who sit in the locker room with a sobbing peer for an hour to console her when she’s having a bad day. Those women are silent heroes.

Just because the voices you hear are the loudest doesn’t mean those voices are speaking the truth.

Taya Valkyrie posted:

This narrative that all the AEW women hate each other is quite frankly annoying. I’ve been there for 5 mths & every1, from the 2nd I walked in that building, has been nothing but supportive, hyping each other up & bad ass. Stop pinning women against each other it’s getting old.

In response to all of the above, LuFisto tweeted:

Good that everybody at @aew got the memo to write as much s**t on me as possible so I can be in seen as a waste of a human being not worth livin, even people who never had a single conversation with me.

Even better to see people I never did anything wrong being so desperate to get a job, jumping on the bandwagon.

Soon, I’ll see you hypocrites be part of Be a Star and mental health matters advertisements acting like you care.

Enjoy your paychecks and keep on stabbing each other in the back pretending this is normal.

I can only hope that your hate towards me will get you to finally f**king work together for the best of women’s wrestling, now that problems have been called out.

So many are miserable, frustrated and will whisper their anger, but never will stand and speak up.

I wanted to leave this world knowing women’s wrestling was better. It was for a while, but not anymore. The sad part is that you accept it without saying a word.

It is what it is.

What a waste.

If there’s any more movement on this story, we’ll let you know.

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