NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV LIVE COVERAGE – WrestleTalk

NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV LIVE COVERAGE – WrestleTalk


And that wraps up yet another sensational TakeOver.

Two new champions, Matt Riddle in the crowd and, as per, a great bunch of matches.

Keep an eye out on the site for our ‘News in Brief’ for complete, quick results of tonight’s action.

Now to go to bed and ready myself for SEVEN HOURS of this tomorrow at SummerSlam.

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Good look topping that SummerSlam!

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Johnny Wrestling now sends Ciampa into the minitron, shades of what Ciampa did to fuel this very intense fire, and Gargano now has the ‘Blackheart’ handcuffed to the LED boards on the stage.

After multiple Superkicks, Gargano hits Ciampa with a Shining Wizard, but the former is the one who gets counted out as he flies off the stage!

Ciampa somehow, miraculously gets to his feet at the count of nine to pick up the win and retain his NXT Title.

A fantastic match, with a somewhat underwhelming finish.


Gargano sends Ciampa through a table after a Superkick on the apron!

Again. Another nine count. Ciampa using the crutch as leverage to aid him to his feet.

Just to reiterate, this is great.


Gargano just inadvertently struck a member of the ringside production crew with a Superkick, and now Ciampa is literally burying Gargano with everything and everyone he can find.

Another nine count!

This has been sensational.


After spraying the champ with a fire extinguisher, Gargano begins attacking Ciampa with his crutch.

And Gargano just hit a springboard draping DDT on the exposed wooden boards in the ring!

Ciampa gets up at the nine count though, by rolling to the outside.

The absolute madman.


The ‘Blackheart’ hits a trio of successive Project Ciampas, but Gargano gets up at nine, and strikes Ciampa with a vicious Superkick.


The pace has taken a slow turn here, as Ciampa is now in control, barking at Gargano to “Stay Down!”


Gargano showing his vicious side now, with some smashing chair shots to gain control.


Four minutes in and the Spanish announce table is already a casualty, as Ciampa drives Johnny Wrestling through the desk.


Before Kayla Braxton can finish the ring announcements, Gargano launches towards Ciampa and we are underway and off to a white-hot start!


It’s time for the main event!

Ciampa. Gargano. Last. Man. Standing.

For the NXT Championship and so, so much more.


Shayna blocked another In-Sane Elbow, attempted to lock in the Kirifuda Clutch once more, but we have a new Women’s Champion as Sane managed to shift her weight for a surprise pin-fall win!

That was very, very good indeed.


Shortly after though, Baszler locked Sane in the Kirifuda Clutch, and after an excruciating few seconds, the ‘Pirate Princess’ still managed to get to the rope to break it.

This has been a very good match so far.


Baszler rolled out the ring to prevent an In-Sane elbow, but Sane hits a crossbody to the outside, then the elbow, and Shayna still kicks out!


Sane channeling her inner Hulk Hogan there, with a hard-hitting comeback after Baszler continued working over her peg.

It was short-lived though as Baszler landed a Superplex to regain control


Baszler working over Sane’s leg.

Mind you, if she only had one leg at least the pirate thing would actually make sense.


Ronda Rousey is in the crowd.

What a mark.


Next up, the ‘Queen of Spades’ Shayna Baszler defends the NXT Women’s Title against the boat enthusiast Kairi Sane.


Ricochet hits a reverse-rana, but Cole rolls out the ring before he can hit the 630.

The high flying mentalist hits a springboard hurricanrana to the outside, before then connecting with the 630, getting the pin and we have a new North American Champion!

That match really picked up towards the end as predicted.

Is the NXT Title next in Cole’s sights?


Cole hits Ricochet with a Superkick on the way down from a springboard moonsault from the latter, hits a suplex neckbreaker, but Ricochet still kicks out!

A great nearfall.

And now they’re just kicking each other in the face really hard.


Cole has kept Ricochet fairly grounded thus far.

I feel a flurry of flips coming our way very soon.


Up next, Adam Cole defends the North American Title against the ‘One and Only,’ Ricochet.

This should be a corker.


Matt Riddle is in the crowd!

The rumors are true!

I wonder how long it will take him to pick up a wellness policy violation?

My guess is three days.


Maybe this is evidence that EC3 is getting the call-up?

Dream picking up momentum for a potential title opportunity in NXT, whereas EC3 has no momentum whatsoever.


Dream just hit the Dream Valley Driver on the apron, followed up by the Purple Rainmaker to pick up the W.

Not a five-star bout by any means, but very decent stuff indeed.

I am very surprised by the outcome though.


After a dominating opening few minutes for EC3, a twisting DDT on the ramp puts Dream in charge of proceedings.


Would you like to see this?

(I wouldn’t yet.)


Up next it’s the battle of the charismas, as EC3 takes on Velveteen Dream.

If EC3 is in the top one percent, then does that make him the 70000000th best person in the world?


After kicking out of MM’s finisher, the ERA just landed the Total Elimination for the pin-fall and to retain the gold!

And the War Raiders are here to lay waist to the champs! It looks like we’re getting Undisputed ERA vs. War Raiders for the tag team titles somewhere down the line, or potentially setting up both teams’ involvement in the next War Games match.

Either way, that match was class, and a great way to start the show.

Bate especially was sensational there.


O’Reilly has Bate locked in a heel hook and Seven has grabbed the white towel!

And now he’s thrown it into the crowd.

Bate powers his way to his corner and makes the tag to his mustachioed partner.


Strong had Seven locked in the Strong Hold, and the s t r o n g b o i Bate just launched O’Reilly into Roderick to break it up.

That was class.

And now he’s doing dives over the top rope.

He’s 21-years-old.

And after the flurry, Strong just kicked out of the Tyler Driver! This is great stuff, as expected.


After an even opening, Strong and O’Reilly are starting to take control of this one.

Also, why does Nigel keep calling them Undisputed Area?


Tyle Bate is a s t r o n g b o i


Opening the show, it’s the Tag Team Title match!

UE are my pick for this, but these teams had a five-star match a few weeks ago on TV so if that’s anything to go by, this will be amazing.


This theme music is amazing.

This should be an absolute belter of a show.

Strap yourselves in.


William Regal just said Undisputed ERA are no longer suspects in the Black attack.

That’s not going to stop me going back and watching them play their own music in their car.


Who do you think attacked Aleister Black?

My money’s on Jimmy Wang Yang in his party bus.


Of course they’ve managed to get a Roman Reigns commercial in there.


Pat McAfee just called Ricochet a “human joystick video game.”

Still better than Rosenberg.


Both Pat McAfee and Sam Roberts predicted Mustache Mountain to win.

Also, McAfee’s a smart bloke, isn’t he?


The pre-show is underway, and after a brief technical difficulty, I am now here to guide us through what is bound to be a fantastic night of professional wrestling!


I’m watching This Week in WWE and Scott Stanford just said about SummerSlam:

“They don’t call it the ‘Biggest Night of the Summer’ for nothing!”

No mate, they don’t call it the ‘Biggest Night of the Summer’ at all.


10 minutes until the pre-show starts!

Here are my predictions:

  • EC3 to beat Velveteen Dream
  • Shayna Baszler to beat Kairi Sane
  • The Undisputed ERA to beat Mustache Mountain
  • Adam Cole to beat Ricochet
  • Tommaso Ciampa to beat Johnny Gargano

That means I’ve predicted all heels, and all champions to retain.

Oh no.


Welcome to WrestleTalk‘s coverage of tonight’s NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn IV event!

As we’ve become accustomed to with TakeOver shows, this card looks absolutely superb.

  • EC3 vs. Velveteen Dream
  • Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Kairi Sane – NXT Women’s Championship
  • The Undisputed ERA (Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong) (c) vs. Mustache Mountain (Trent Seven and Tyler Bate) – NXT Tag Team Championships
  • Adam Cole (c) vs. Ricochet – NXT North American Championship
  • Tommaso Ciampa (c) vs. Johnny Gargano – Last Man Standing Match – NXT Championship

You can join the discussion with fellow SWAFT Nation members by joining our Discord server or by following us on Twitter. What are your predictions? Let us know!

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